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Your Name?

  • Just call me LIYA.  Isn't this name is very simple? Or you can call me ANA. This one more simple.
  • But, my real a.k.a long name is AWALIYA NUR RAMADHANA. Are you sure you can remember this name? Its name took from Arabian Languange. If this name translate to Indonesian languange, meant 'Awal Cahaya Ramadhan'.  Yes, I born on Ramadhan Month.  Special! Isn't it?
  • I use Ramadhan Liya as my cybername. 

Your Birthday
For detail, I was born on 03 January 1998.  Or Hijriah years = 04 Ramadhan 1410. First crying on Saturday. Isn't it detail enough ?  So, my age now (2013) was fifteen years old. 

Where are you live, now ?
Okay, before I'm nomaden (?) yeah, I just follow my parents. If my parents's job moved, our house also moved. But, now I stay living at Martapura, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia, South East of Asian, Earth.

Your Educated History ?
Yes, from childhood. first, I learn at TK Tunas Kencana,  then SDN Astambul Seberang, then my elementary school was moved when I was fourth grade. So, I moved in to SDN Sungai Paring 2.
I was graduated from elementary school with NEM = 25.40 and next to junior high school, Smpn 1 Mtp (i was abbreviation my school's city ) secret ---.
And Now, I was graduated from Smpn 1 Mtp with NEM = 36.30. So, next to Senior High School. I was confused when choose senior high school, now.

Your Family ?
I think this make me little shy because I have four siblings. one older brother and three younger sister. So, I'm second child of fifth child. Our live is very -campuraduk-.  Sometimes laugh, angry and etc.
But, I love my family so much.

Your Hobby?
More exactly 'hobbies' because my hobbies is very much. Sometimes, if I bored with this hobby, I'll moved to another hobby. Like now. I started bore with the sims 3. Before, I maniac of the sims 3. But, until now I still like writing novel, cerpen, and poetry. I also like watching movie and k-drama, especially about teenagers, school, and best friends. My favorit korean drama is Dream High. Ilyism!!!

Your Dream?
My dream?? Oh, I don't know exactly. Maybe I choose to be a doctor. But, I think I prefer to be a writer. Can I be a doctor all at once be a writer? 
I don't know -_____-  but, more important, I can be benefits for my country and my lovely people.

Your Character?
I little nerdy, but not geeky! I quite but can be shouted if I want. I patient but can be angry if someone too ruthless.*beware.  I less smile to strange/acquaintance,  but I always smile to my buddies like my family and my bestfriends. I difficult to make friends, because I little bit shy. I'm to picky about friends.
My character rather like mix among Akiyama Mio and Nakano Azusa :3.
Now, my eyes minus. So, I must be wear glasses. But, I don't like glasses!!

Your Favorite Foods?
Ooh.. my favorite food is all of food, except containts more fat. I don't like.__.  
I love food who made by my mom. Delicious ~ Tasty ~ Yummy ~ 
I love fried chicken ( i think all people also like it),  fried shrimps *krenyess, and fried rice who made by my self... *yummy! nyahahaha xD

Your Favorite Color?
I like all pastel color. Not too dark, but not too light. I love blue, white, gray, green,and brown. But, I prefer to be bluelicious.

Your Favorite things? 

  • I like all novel from Pinkberry Club and Fantasteen. My friend, Rizka, first introduce this novel to me. This novel is very good and made by teenagers like me. I also hope, I can be send my novel to Pinkberry Club/Fantasteen. I hope, I can have my novel change into a book. 
  • My Pinkberry and Fantasteen Collection : Best Friend, Best Foe, Purpelicious, Secret Deposite Box, The Saviour, Wonderworks, Mummy. 
  • I like comic Miiko!. My friend, Nurul, first introduce this comic to me. She also make me to be an otaku (anime/manga lovers). Until now, I still otaku and love japanese things.
  • I like watching tv show who can me laugh out loud .____. like SKETSA, Super Trap, and etc.
  • I like Sience and Mathematic.
  • My Favorite Game: Ameba Pico Virtual World, The sims 3, Virtual Villagers, Virtual Families, 13 Kingdoms, Harvest Moon.

Your Bias?
Ooh. I little lazy to explain. But, you can see HERE

About Blog World ?
Yes, this is litte long. But, I'll resume it.

I be blogger since 2010 and make blog with url 
I make it without remember email and password. So, when I sign out, I lossing that site. I regret !! Because I use my photo as background. I hope that site quickly blocked. Help me!!

I try to make new blog on August 2011 with new url. and I love that blog.  I get inspiration to design blog from HER,  So until now I still like design blog. 
I have ten blog, now!  I make some new blog because I want to learn more about css code.

So, thats it about me. I just simple girl =____= You can contact me HERE.

Ramadhan Liya